19. Seroprevalance of Brucella abortus in cattle and buffaloes in district Rajanpur, Punjab, Pakistan

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Muhammad Ismail, Ijaz Ahmad Muhammad Shuaib Khan, Shakeeb Ullah, Muhammad Inamullah Malik Khalid Muhammad, Kamran Safder Ghulam Jelani Assadullah Baber Aftab Ahmad Jan


The current work was aimed to search out the prevalence of Brucellosis in Nili Ravi buffaloes and Dajal cattle, in tehsil Rojhan, Rajanpur and Jampur of District Rajanpur, Punjab. Animals sample size was 500 comprising of 50, 50% both buffaloes and cattle. Samples were obtained from small dairy holders and private farms. From each animal blood sample of 5ml was collected in a sterilized Vacutainer and centrifuged (2000 rpm for 5 minutes) for separation of serum. To determine the Brucella abortus antibodies with the help of Rose Bengal Plate Test (RBPT), plod plasma was stored at -20ºC. The findings presented an overall prevalence of 5.2% (13/250) and 4.4% (11/250) in buffaloes and cattle, respectively (P = 0.835). For the animals having the history of abortion, Brucella abortus sero prevalence association was highly significant (P<0.001) presenting 52.6% (buffaloes) and 38.1% (cattle). Brucellosis also showed a positive correlation with other reproductive disorders i.e. metritis, repeat breeding and Retained Fetal Membranes. For confirmation of RBPT’s results, iELISA for Brucella abortus positive samples performed and results indicated an overall prevalent was 2% (buffaloes) and1.2% (cattle), respectively. Statistical analysis determined that the Brucella abortus’s overall prevalence was non-significant in district Rajanpur, for both buffaloes and cattle.

Keywords: Brucellosis; Dajal cattle; iELISA; Nili ravi; RBPT


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